Buick recently launched its VELITE 5, an extended range electric vehicle. The auto industry leader tasked the Hylink team with making a splash in the Chinese clean energy car market – one that is yet to mature and filled with skeptical consumers. On the bank of Shanghai’s Huangpu river, Hylink built the “VELITE 5 Life Zone,” a smart tech home containing the same innovative features of the new VELITE 5 car model. The team’s objective was to generate buzz surrounding the smart tech home and VELITE 5. Within this, the goal was to effectively communicate the new brand messaging of “creating a better life” to build organic synergy with digitally-inclined Chinese.


The team sought to break through the marketing status quo and approach the audience in a more dynamic and engaging way. With this in mind, the team decided not to employ typical auto marketing formats such as TV commercials, KV portals, and auto verticals. Instead, we created a smart tech home called VELITE 5 Life Zone. The home was completely environmentally-friendly, with intelligent features that represent progressive lifestyles, and incorporating key elements of the electric vehicle throughout. We collaborated with Airbnb on the campaign, and made the home available on the international platform so travelers could book a stay. We also partnered with KOLs (or influencers) to develop engaging content, and used WeChat feed ads to generate additional awareness.


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