To capitalize on the popular summer travel season, San Diego Tourism Authority (SDTA) launched a summer campaign across multiple platforms to capture their target audience. For this portion of the campaign, KOLs from Weibo and WeChat were utilized to promote San Diego’s brand messaging and educate potential travelers about the city.

With the rise of social media marketing and advertising, Hylink seeks to stay ahead of the competition by providing clients with the best-in-class social reporting and measurement. KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders, also known as “influencers”) are becoming a true force in the China advertising space, but accurately measuring their impact has proven difficult for many agencies. As an increasing number of KOLs gain prominence, it is evermore crucial for brands to have the ability to gauge the performance of their investments.


We developed a measuring and reporting system to effectively evaluate KOL performance, called KAPE (KOL Aggregate Performance Efficiency). The KAPE index is an advanced approach to effectively and precisely calculate the cost-efficiency of investments in KOLs. For San Diego’s Summer campaign, KAPE was the primary evaluation tool to decide which KOLs to partner with.


KOLs across Weibo and WeChat
achievement vs. estimate
total engagement

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