With 2017 serving as the 50th Anniversary of "Summer of Love," SF Travel engaged Hylink to drive its Weibo followers to the organization’s newly verified WeChat account through an effort deemed the “Love Campaign.” Our team viewed the occasion as an opportunity to further communicate a key message – #MyLoveMySF – in May a campaign that conveyed a shared love of the city's harmony, variety, progress, multiculturalism, and the environment.

With nearly 400 million users on Weibo's platform, Hylink sought to leverage this engaged user base and direct the audience toward SF Travel's WeChat account, in an effort to generate impressions and acquire new followers through feed ads and KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders, i.e. Influencers). Throughout the campaign planning and implementation processes, the Hylink team maintained the theme of love throughout the creative, digital, and content aspects of the campaign.

Promote San Francisco as a destination by driving SF Travel Weibo followers to its newly opened WeChat account.


We invited Weibo users to share their love stories in forms of text, photos, and videos through the campaign page, as well as following SF Travel’s new WeChat account. Participants will have the opportunity to win a free trip to San Francisco. We also invited 5 KOLs on Weibo to repost the campaign and Weibo paid ads ran for a whole month to generate maximum impressions.


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