In China, where over 95% of internet users are on mobile devices, live streaming is an easy way to interact with people, share knowledge and experiences, and be entertained without having to pay for it. SF Travel has capitalized on this new way to capture Chinese audiences and present a unique look at what the destination has to offer.

For Chinese tourists, San Francisco lacks distinction among major American cities. For this reason, the challenge was to raise awareness and present a unique glance of the city while catering to the Chinese audience under the brand image of “sophisticated harmony.”


From Dec. 2016 - Dec. 2017, we hosted several live streaming sessions on Weibo and China’s most popular live streaming platform, Yizhibo, featuring seasonal landscapes and the rich culture found inside and beyond San Francisco. Live-streams were held at popular sites including Union Square, Pier 39, Yosemite, SFO Airport, and SFMOMA.


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