Ready To Take On The World?


What do you need to take on the world? Is it a sleek, simplistic smartwatch embellished with the universally known fruit emblem, or a device with the stamp of approval from a Korean boy band? Both are impressive in their own right, but do they truly give you the power to take on the world? Affordable challenger brand Amazfit was new to the market and wanted the world to envision themselves wearing their smartwatches. We needed to show how the smartwatch could support and heighten users’ best selves. Like how the Swiss Army knife can make people feel like MacGyver, we wanted the Amazfit T-Rex Pro smartwatch to transform users into their most confident self to take on anything the world throws at them.


The Amazfit T-Rex Pro is your handy sidekick, withstanding the elements whether it is a plunge into water or a venture into freezing temperatures - consumers’ day-to-day explorations are a seamless walk in the park when wearing the smartwatch. We knew partnering with Spartan, the world’s leading endurance sports and wellness brand, would be the perfect match to showcase how everyday people could up their game and push their limits. Across the US and EMEA, consumers were able to envision themselves overcoming challenges and winning as their best selves. When wearing Amazfit’s smartwatch, anyone can take on the world.