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Incubating the Future: Meet the World’s Top Leader in Marketing, Su Tong

Su Tong

Hylink Digital Founder, President, and CEO Su Tong has been in business since the advent of digital advertising and has opened 27+ offices globally, fostering a singular culture under “Smart Thinking = Infinite Possibilities.” Su Tong has accumulated abundant media resources, technical and content advertising experience, becoming the trailblazer and driving force for the development of digital marketing in China. Focused in the development of digital marketing since 2002, Su Tong has led Hylink to become China’s leading agency in digital marketing and e-marketing. Listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on August 2, 2017, Hylink has accumulated an impressive premium client portfolio under the leadership of Su Tong.

Su Tong has original and insightful views on the trends, traits, core value and implementation strategies of omni-marketing. He has played an important role in the development of China’s online advertising market based on his outstanding strategic thinking, resources integration capability, management skill set, and ability to always advocate a holistic approach. Not only was he invited as a keynote speaker for the Cannes Lions China Day event in 2013, but also he was invited by IAB (International Advertising Bureau) in October 2016 for a keynote speech at the New York headquarters to share with business leaders across the world his insight on digital marketing strategy in China. Su Ton is the first ever Chinese keynote speaker invited to IAB events. In September 2017, he was invited as an honored guest for the opening speech and panel of the U.S. - China Tourism Leadership Summit, a prestigious industry event.

Su Tong also holds the positions of Vice President of the National Image Research Center of Tsinghua University, Co-founder and Vice President of Hylink Foundation, and Council Member of ROI Festival.

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