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  • Creative Director USA

"A Few" Cannes Lions Awards: Hylink's Executive Creative Director, Ning Li

Ning Li

Creative powerhouse, award-winning Executive Creative Director, Ning Li has brought indispensable multimedia expertise to Hylink. With a unique background spanning from North to South and East to West, Ning has developed an open mind and in-depth multicultural understanding of how to communicate artistically all over the world. Originally from Zhuhai, China, Ning crossed the globe to attend college and work in London, Beijing, Shanghai, and Los Angeles.

After graduating from Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design of University of the Arts London with a Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design/Creative Advertising, Ning spent 10 years in the advertising industry. With a thirst to expand his expertise even more, Ning went back to school and recharged himself with an MFA degree in Filmmaking.

Upon entering Hylink, Ning collaborated with Managing Director Humphrey Ho to create a nonconformist creative agency called One Legged Pigeon (OLP). An agency that represents the Reverse Bundling model, OLP is a concept whose benefits are seen threefold – by the client, who receives bundling services with disciplinary expertise that would normally require an additional fee; by the creative talent, who is offered a valuable opportunity to dream bigger with agency ownership; and by the firm, who experiences a contribution to their bottom line. In the agency’s first year, OLP reported a revenue of $5 million and experienced 30% consistent growth quarterly.

Not to mention, Ning has also picked up a few Cannes Lions, a Oneshow Gold Pencil, and numerous other awards along his acclaimed career.

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