• Humphrey Ho |
  • Managing Director Americas

The Reverse Agency At Scale

Humphrey Ho

An advertising leader who has successfully identified the advertising gap between local US brands, the Asian-American audience, and the global market, Humphrey has inaugurated himself as an expert in the marketing industry through leading Hylink to constant success in his six years of leadership. Receiving personal accolades in Forbes’ Top 30 under 30 in 2009, as well as company recognition among numerous awards such as the Effie Award and Shorty Awards, Humphrey proves he leads with fervor and prestige.

While responsible for overseeing accounts, media, operations, creative, and PR, as well as Hylink’s various industry-focused subsidiaries (travel, luxury, sports and entertainment, to name a few), Humphrey is more than just an overseer – he’s a doer. Wielding both personal and professional experiences to provide insights for domestic US and multicultural US-to-Asia companies, Humphrey excels in creating more targeted and effective marketing campaigns in all industries regardless of prior foundations.

From developing Hylink into a powerhouse media company to founding numerous subsidiaries, Humphrey has not just shattered the glass ceiling but removed it to make space for his future endeavors.

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