• Brad McDonald |
  • Managing Director North America

Brad McDonald Brings Australian Flair to Hylink North America

Brad McDonald

Originally from Sydney, Australia, Brad McDonald became Hylink Digital’s first North American Managing Director in 2022. After receiving both a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and a Juris Doctor Degree from Sydney’s University of Technology, Brad went further to receive a Scrum Master certification in project management, making him incredibly adept in all areas of management.

Brad aims to find connections and common interests between people and groups to build effective, meaningful teams. He was inspired by David Attenborough, who always knew what he wanted and made a career out of that. Now, Brad makes space for himself, and he tries to bring Australian morals to the North American team. He joined Hylink because he was energized by the opportunity to help continue to grow the agency’s presence in the Americas, and build an even more successful business as a result.

At his home in Hermosa Beach, he loves sunset strand walks with his daughter and wife – a good fortune of living closer to the ocean than he did in Australia. Being a parent, Brad is passionate about the impacts of climate change and creating a habitable world for his daughter. He wants to instill in her to not only never be scared of telling the truth and asking for help, but also appreciating what she has and not comparing herself to others.

Through various leadership roles at globally-recognized, market-leading digital product studios, advertising agencies, and PR agencies, Brad is a seasoned creative agency executive with a unique global perspective and over two decades of integrated marketing and business operations experience.

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