• Alejandro González |
  • Contracts Administrator

Alejandro González Brings a Fresh Perspective to Hylink Americas Contracts

Alejandro González

Alejandro González is Hylink USA’s Contracts Administrator and is in charge of drafting and negotiating all contracts, including client and other third-party agreements. He also advises all internal teams in general compliance-related matters.

With over four years of experience working with global law firms and U.S. based corporations like Baker McKenzie and Ontra (formerly InCloudCounsel), he has accrued relevant experience in local and international regulations, including media, advertising, privacy, tax, commercial and financial law. He is responsible for all internal and external policies of Hylink USA and provides frequent training to the staff regarding the most important aspects of federal, national, and international regulations that have an impact on the advertising industry. Alejandro has helped the agency to comply with some of the most important international compliance standards and to shape several internal structure-proceedings.

Alejandro earned both his Law and Internationalist degrees from Pontifical Xavierian University in Bogota, Colombia — and he’s trilingual in English, Spanish, and German. During his free time, Alejandro enjoys running, playing tennis, and cooking. He also likes to read novels, and about history in general.

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