• Alana Reid |
  • PR & Social Media Manager

Inclusive, international marketing: Toronto’s Alana Reid leads Hylink USA’s PR and Social Media Team

Alana Reid

Born, raised, and educated in Toronto, Canada, Alana Reid is a business professional with experience in client management, sales, communications, and digital marketing within diverse environments. With a proven ability to negotiate and communicate with business-to-business to achieve company objectives and goals, Alana has an unparalleled understanding of all aspects of public relations.

After completing her Master of Marketing at the Schulich School of Business in Toronto with a certificate in Public Relations, Alana managed PR, marketing, and communications in the healthcare sector. Understanding that the world operates as a global community, she knew that she needed to be part of Hylink Digital’s international agency in order to make her mark. Today, Alana contributes to the media's voice internationally with a positive influential tone and an inclusive consciousness.

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