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U.S. Travel Honors Destination Marketers, Tourism Leaders at ESTO

Aug. 23 2019

Travel Costa Mesa Wins U.S. Travel Association Top Honors

Aug. 23 2019

Hylink Digital Marketing Research Institute Publishes "A Guide to Fan Culture"

Aug. 16 2019

Hylink's New Links: Jess Chen

Aug. 09 2019

Shanghai lays out guidelines for e-sports development

Aug. 07 2019

How San Francisco Boosted Chinese Bookings by 30 percent

Jul. 29 2019

Hylink's New Links: Jonathan Xiao

Jul. 25 2019

Hylink's New Links: Mengxiao Wang

Jul. 23 2019

How to do business in China: Understanding the creative industry

Jul. 19 2019

Boxes on the wall boost charity

Jul. 18 2019

#PigeonGate Sweeps through Hylink Santa Monica

Jul. 15 2019

Hylink’s James Hebbert Speaks at Cannes Lions 2019

Jul. 12 2019

Conference Call Bingo is the best game ever. Why Doesn’t the Wifi Work When You Need It? Firing Yourself Up is the Best Promotion. How rich would you be if you had a dollar for every slide you had to write? Where’s the Free Food? Smart Thinking Equals Endless Possibilities. Back To The Future is the best movie for agency professionals. Advertising is like dating. Always dramatic. It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere. Such as, right now. No Copywriters were harmed in the making of this sentence. Advertising is like a marriage - keep it fresh or else it goes up for pitch. Manifestos are a great reason for beer. Or gin. Napa Valley should sponsor Advertising Agencies. “Programmatic” is a great conversation starter. Or killer. We don’t swipe. We click. Making that logo bigger, or smaller. Since 1994. This message was brought to you by Independence.