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Your International Digital Success Awaits
As a fully integrated international advertising and marketing agency, Hylink is proud to serve as a trusted advisor, strategist and executor to market-leading businesses and brands worldwide. With our result-driven approach, we are delivering cutting-edge digital solutions and compelling experiences to your brand and customers.


Our Award-winning Services
Brand Strategy & Research

Having an effective strategy and comprehensive understanding of consumer insights is the prerequisite to any brand's success. We excel in positioning our clients to achieve maximum exposure through a combination of cutting-edge research and our experience in market entry. Our team will create a strategy customized for your brand's specific needs.

Creative Services

Today's consumers have shorter attention spans than ever before, which means brands need to find creative ways to capture their attention. Our creative team is ready to deliver everything from eye-catching key visuals to captivating digital productions. Through our full range of creative capabilities, we help brands reach and retain their customers.

Measurement and Data Analytics

Let's be honest, data and numbers can be boring. At Hylink, we make it a point to present our findings in formats that are easy to digest and are aesthetically pleasing, through our exclusive RADIX platform. We also offer data warehousing and management to make crucial information readily accessible.

Performance Marketing

At the heart of every successful brand is a well-designed website. Our team can provide this along with SEM/SEO to boost your brand's online exposure. With the prevalence of smartphones, we offer mobile optimization, M-commerce, app development and more, just try us.

Media Services

We help brands navigate the world of media buy and maximize cost efficiency through a combination of strategic media planning and an established network of global media partners. Our strengths include identifying opportunities across all Chinese and international platforms, facilitating programmatic buy, media optimization, retargeting, content sponsorships and more.

Public Relations

Simply reacting is no longer enough. With a comprehensive understanding of how to communicate with target audiences, our PR team proactively identifies opportunities to boost your brand's exposure. Our expertise in media relations, event planning, and crisis management enable us to be with you every step of the way.

Social Media

Today, social media is where all consumers' attention is. Our dedicated social media team is experienced in both international and Chinese social media platforms, offering everything from account registration to community management. Hylink's MCN network offers top of the line social media marketing solutions for your brand.

Brand Partnership

We all need friends, and brands are no exemption to the rule. At Hylink, we handle every stage of brand partnerships from sponsorship sourcing, to negotiation, to representation. Tapping into our extensive network of IP, esport, and sports league partners, we can help your brand reach a greater audience no matter how niche they might be.

Celebrity & Influencer Management

In a world dominated by social media, working with celebrities and influencers is a must... even if your brand already has a large following. Thanks to our proven track record of managing celebrity and influencer partnerships, we can do the hard work for you. This includes influencer research and content collaboration to help your brand increase its reach across all channels.


To what do we owe this pleasure?

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