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Pizza Hut Autumn Seafood Menu

Pizza Hut renews its Autumn menu every September. In 2016, Pizza Hut invited Hu Ge, the popular Chinese celebrity, to be the brand ambassador to promote the new seasonal menu with an emphasis on seafood. As an inland city with a majority of the population fond of seafood, Xi’an is the ideal region to promote this new menu.


How to increase 

the awareness of Pizza Hut’s Autumn Seafood Menu amongst Xi’an residents, and in turn, convert traffic to in-store visits and boost online sales.

How to maintain 

consumer interest during Golden Week, given that the new menu would launch just before the busy travel holiday.

Creative Solutions

Integrated Strategies

Boosted event exposure and increased restaurant visits through integrated marketing strategies, including collaborating with influential KOLs and hosting giveaway events.


Hosted an offline seafood party to increase menu awareness.

Encourage Interaction

Placed a life-size cardboard cutout of Hu Ge in front of the restaurant to prolong visitors’ stays and encourage interaction.

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