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To make the Cool Power 

(劲能) image relevant and attractive to the post-90’s male audience, the core target of OLAY Men.

Drive e-commerce purchases

Creative Solutions

Coolest "Selfies"

We encouraged men to express their individuality by creating and posting their coolest “selfies” online.

The top-9 men who receive the most number of votes will appear on Olay’s pack and have the opportunity to battle for the “coolest” man award by competing for the highest volume of product sales. The finalist will become the brand ambassador.

Key Media Metrics

Deep collaboration with Tencent by creating interactive/participatory media content in its Music, Sport, and Gaming channels, which are highly relevant to the TA.

Key Results


Selfies created


Votes / Likes


Pieces of Olay Lotion sold in one week on JingDong, more than the total (2,000 pieces) amount sold over the past 1 year.

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