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KFC’s Appetizer Platter was ranked among its highest selling products in 2016. In February, the new “Rattan Pepper Chicken Steak” appetizer was added for promotion.

As cinemas began to loosen restrictions on bringing in outside food and beverages, more and more food options replaced the classic combination of “Popcorn + Coca-Cola.”


Extend exposure 

and discover new markets for KFC’s Appetizer platters, thereby increasing consumers’ product loyalty.

Creative Solutions


Collaborated with NetEase on its “Hot Topic Day” to create “KFC Appetizer Platters Sharing Season” events with various themes, including film, anime culture, and gaming.


Utilized NetEase to find a DS Movie platform and create a new film consumption landscape.

Delved into NetEase to discover other new and highly relevant consumption platforms.


Week One: created a large, fun and carefree cinema event and invited DuShe Movie, a film critic social media account with millions of followers, to promote the event.

Week Two: collaborated with the trendy NetEase original comic platform to break the anime culture barrier.

Week Three: called out the World of Warcraft's to end the “Appetizer Platters Sharing Season” campaign

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