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The beverage category falls under “instant consumption,” which means that impulsive consumption behaviors will occur when consumers feel thirsty. When online and offline price differences don't, consumers rarely purchase beverages online.


To maximize 

brand exposure and boost sales on e-commerce platforms within a short time frame.

Creative Solutions


Coca-Cola collaborated with and created “531 Super Brand Day” to deliver the brand message “At This Golden Moment” as well as a series of creative interactions featuring the spirit of “Enjoy the Fun.”

Increased Brand Impact

On May 31, every order through Coca-Cola online vending machine was promised to be delivered within 2 hours by the delivery crew.


Integrated online and offline cross-media to create interactive campaigns and boost sales.

Key Results


Times more than the sales from Singles day a year before


Times more than the total sales in the previous 30 days


People who participated in the gift giveaway

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