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To bring the consumers

 of General Mills’ Wanchai Ferry dumplings closer to the brand, which is popular among single people during the Chinese holiday season.

Creative Solutions

"Taste Has A Memory"

We produced an online video about an experiment between moms and their children. In the video, moms were invited to make their homemade dumplings and children had to guess which dumplings were made by their moms by tasting several dishes of dumplings. Most of them guessed correctly based on their memory of how their mom’s homemade dumplings taste, proving that taste does indeed produce memories.

Build Brand Image

An integrated content marketing campaign leveraging Wechat, Weibo, video websites, and KOLs enabled this video to go viral, and helped Wanchai Ferry build a better brand image.

Key Results


Users shared uploads on social media


Views on social media



Increase in brand searches

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