Hylink’s Humphrey Ho Invited To Judge Campaign Us Media Awards

Mar 2, 2021Lorem Ipsum


Humphrey Ho, Hylink North America’s Managing Director, has been invited to judge the Campaign US 2021 Media Awards. This invitation is a great honor as it demonstrates Hylink’s continued contribution to media and advertising around the world.

2021 is the first year that Campaign US will be holding their annual Media Awards in the United States. The awards’ purpose is to celebrate excellence, effectiveness, and creative thinking in the media industry, from teams and talent at agencies, media companies, and creative, strategic, and innovative brands.

The judging process takes place in mid-March over two days. As an invited judge, Humphrey will collaborate with experts from the media industry alongside brand marketers to recognize and reward outstanding media campaigns. Judging the Media Awards provides Hylink with an opportunity to showcase our dedication to creating and celebrating groundbreaking and transformative work in the media industry.

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