Hylink Wins 6 Winners and Honorees for the 13th Shorty Awards

Jun 1, 2021Jasmine Lee


Hylink Digital is proud to share that we have been awarded several honors at the 13th Annual Shorty Awards. In total, Hylink took home 2 Winners, 1 Gold, 2 Audiences and 1 Finalist.

Continuing last year’s success, Hylink once again received the Winners and Audience Honors in Weibo and WeChat for the NYC & Company #FlashbackToMyNYCTrip# UGC Weibo Campaign and Multi-DMOs COVID-19 Response Campaign.

As for outstanding strategy by social media platforms, Hylink was recognized for creativity in design and influencer strategy. Hylink defeated AT&T, Pixar, iHeartRadio, etc., and received a Gold Distinction for TCL Halloween 2020 Campaign in Graphic. The UCLA Health #Team LA Tiktok Campaign was a named finalist in Micro-influencer Strategy.

“It is an honor to see Hylink’s creativity and diligence recognized among some of the most influential, innovative global brands, agencies, and campaigns across social media. Especially after such a tough year, ” said Humphrey Ho, Managing Director of Hylink USA.

The Shorty Awards, now in its 13th year, were the first award show to honor social media. By constantly evolving along with the changing landscape of the medium, the Shortys remains the most prominent award show of its kind. All winners and honorees were selected by members of the Real Time Academy of Short Form Arts & Sciences, comprised of luminaries from advertising, media, entertainment, and technology.

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