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Modern Advertising announced the winners of the 2020 MAA Awards in September 2020. With the joint efforts of all Hylink offices around the world, Hylink took home the Grand Prix Award of Social Good, along with 10 gold, 6 silver, 6 bronze medals, and 4 excellence awards for 2020 campaigns, receiving 27 awards in total. Formerly known as the Great Wall China Advertising Awards, the MAA Awards is a new integration of the original “Media Marketing Award” and the “Interactive Creative Award.”

Hylink Guangzhou won the Grand Prix Award of Social Good and the Gold Social Good Award in the public welfare innovation category and Humanism advertising category with its Friends of Music campaign. The Longing for Science documentary produced by the Guangzhou team received the Gold Social Good Award in the poverty alleviation advertising category. Hylink Guangzhou also took home the Gold Interactive Creative Award in the live streaming media category for its Tide × Ren Jialun × Luo Tianyi online new product launch campaign.

Hylink Shanghai won the Gold Interactive Creative Award in outdoor media and mobile media categories, for its 361° × Crossfire campaign R·U·S·H, and Chevrolet × Disney 920 campaign Celebrate Eternal Love. The team also won big in the Media Marketing Award, receiving two gold awards in media integration and online TV show category for its Buick VELITE 6 campaign and Buick × The Big Band campaign. Moreover, Hylink Shanghai won the Gold Content Creation Award in the community management category for the Chevrolet Trax iG cross-marketing campaign.

Hylink Hefei won the Gold Interactive Creative Award in the mobile media category for its iFlytek H5 campaign Snow Season Is Coming.

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