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Hylink Ranked as Number One Digital Agency In China For Twelfth Consecutive Year


By Nicholas Berson

It's been a big year for Hylink, with the agency ranked China's number one digital marketing agency for the twelfth year in a row by CiWeek, one of China’s most influential media and advertising publications. This ranking is determined by assessing an agency’s creativity, brand reputation, advertising skills, and resource integration, with Hylink receiving an overall score of 96.40/100 this year. Furthermore, this is actually a 0.17% increase from last year’s score of 96.23/100, proof of Hylink’s commitment to its philosophy of “Gai-Shan” or “constant improvement.”

However, this past year wasn’t easy for Hylink as the agency had to surmount several substantial marketing challenges. Regardless, Hylink remained positive throughout and even found opportunity within the adversity. This is the nature of growth and this is Hylink putting its other philosophy of “smart thinking” into action.

Looking forward to 2020, Hylink will be taking a more active role in its work with brands, focusing more on boosting each brand’s overall influence and product quality rather than just communicating the brand’s messaging to customers. This is because true marketing is less about “promotion” and more about instilling trust in customers, with digital marketing intended to accomplish this faster and more accurately. Hylink will honor this by continuing to create marketing campaigns where both brands and customers are “winners" and any gaps in the digital marketplace are bridged effectively.

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