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#PigeonGate Sweeps through Hylink Santa Monica


By Mike Washington

#PigeonGate PART 1

While the team at Hylink Santa Monica were enjoying their extended weekend for the Fourth of July, a family of pigeons were making themselves comfortable inside the office! The break-in was thanks to a window in one of our conference rooms that had been left open over the long weekend.

Pigeon intruder

The pigeons were discovered on Monday morning, along with a nest they constructed underneath a sofa. Following their prompt eviction, the birds continued to return throughout the week to peer through the now closed window, hoping for an opportunity to return to their new home.

Access denied

Unfortunately for these birds, Hylink’s offices are for human employees and dogs only.

#PigeonGate PART 2

Intruder spotted

Feathers continue to fly as #PigeonGate rages on.

Pigeons have once again been found roaming the offices of Hylink Santa Monica on Monday morning, marking the second weekend in a row that the birds have attempted to take over the 8th floor space.

Having constructed nests in the DeLorean office just last weekend and then promptly evicted, the pigeons took advantage of a kitchen window left ajar and moved themselves in within the time frame of Friday night to Monday morning.

“I’ve never seen pigeons this dedicated before”, says Amanda Tien, Content Strategist. “My desk space just feels so violated right now”.

The pigeons were evicted on sight and the office was promptly cleaned, sanitized and de-feathered.

Either these pigeons are fighting hard to take this space as their own, or a potential client is trying very hard to pass along a message.


A Chinese proverb interprets the issue as "鸟落旺地“, or "There shall be prosperity where the bird lands" - We certainly hope that's true!

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