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Hylink Wins Best in Weibo, WeChat at 11th Annual Shorty Awards


By Anjelica Price-Rocha

We are beyond thrilled to have been named a Shorty Award winner for the second consecutive year. The Shorty Awards, now in its 11th year, recognizes the most influential, popular, and culturally relevant brands, organizations, agencies, campaigns and influencers across social media.

This year, our Hawaiian Airlines campaign #MyHawaiianStyle took home ‘Best in Weibo,’ and our Draw Something SF campaign for San Francisco Travel Association won ‘Best in WeChat.’ Additionally, we received an Audience Honor in Gamification for Brand USA’s See How Far You Can Go.

Winners and honorees of the Shorty Awards were selected by members of the Real-Time Academy of Short Form Arts & Sciences (, comprised of experts in advertising, media, entertainment, and technology.

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