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Hylink's Shenzhen Office Has a New Home


By Jasmine Lee

Earlier this month, Hylink Shenzhen moved to Zhongzhou Holdings Financial Center Building A Floor 21. This was a short move from their original location in Building B, on the same floor.

On the opening day of the new office, clients and media sent flower baskets to congratulate Hylink on the move. Employees gathered for the unveiling ceremony later that day. As the countdown stuck zero, the crowd erupted in cheers as the new Hylink sign was unveiled and the office was officially opened for business.

The new office has an innovative layout. The spacious working area is complemented by minimalistically-designed meeting rooms and a recreation area with excellent views of the city.

This move couldn’t have happened without the two months of hard work by the entire Shenzhen staff. Congratulations on the big move, team!

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