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Hylink Ranked No. 3 in Effie Index


By Jasmine Lee

Last month, Effie released its 2019 index for which Hylink was ranked third in “Most Effective Independent Agencies - Asia-Pacific.” The index recognizes high-performing agencies throughout the APAC region and serves as an industry benchmark for excellence in marketing and advertising.

The index results are collected from leading agencies spanning over 50 countries. The top 20 agencies named represent 12 countries and regions.

This year’s rankings were dominated by fast-food and beverage companies.

About Effie Index The Effie Index identifies and ranks the most effective agencies, marketers, brands, networks, and holding companies by analyzing finalist and winner data from Effie Award competitions around the world. Announced annually, it is the most comprehensive global ranking of marketing effectiveness.

The 2019 worldwide and regional rankings are available here. For rankings from the “Most Effective Independent Agencies 2019 - APAC,” please visit here.

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