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By Mike Washington

Last Wednesday on the 9th floor of the Clocktower Building in Santa Monica, Hylink hosted Santa Monica Travel and Tourism and their local partners for a discussion about Ctrip - one of China’s largest online travel agencies.

The event itself was designed to bring the tourism and business leaders of Santa Monica up to speed on the Ctrip’s capabilities, significance and influence in bringing the world of Santa Monica to international Chinese travelers.

Ctrip, one of China’s largest online travel agency (OTA) is a well known and trusted resource for Chinese travelers as they prepare to travel all over the world. The platform offers multiple travel-related products like flights, hotels, and destination activity packages.

“Being well versed on Chinese sales and marketing resources is an extremely powerful asset for local businesses,” said Amanda Zanardi, Account Coordinator. “And one we’re happy to share with Santa Monica Travel and Tourism and Santa Monica business leaders.”

Hylink hosted approximately 25 guests for the presentation at Hylink's new 9th floor office in Santa Monica, including two members from Ctrip’s destination marketing team to lead the orientation and answer questions.

Through this Hylink hosted event, guests from Santa Monica Travel and Tourism learned directly from Ctrip representatives and Hylink's Managing Director Humphrey Ho about how to interact through their businesses with incoming Chinese travelers more effectively.

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