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Hylink Guangzhou Hosts “Oscarser” Annual Meeting


By Anjelica Price-Rocha

As Hylink’s influence continues to expand internationally, our leadership has placed increasing priority in directing our resources toward community causes. At our Hylink annual meeting in Guangzhou, 300 professionals gathered to share documentaries focused on raising public awareness for causes benefiting underserved children. The attendees were divided into six groups, each presenting an original documentary advocating for children suffering from disease, disabilities, or poverty. Some of our favorites from the night include:

Wild Child: The 1st prize went to the Wild Child, a poignant video depicting the lives of children born to parents with a lung disease known as pneumoconiosis. These children act much more maturely than expected, taking on family responsibilities from a very young age. The documentary was shot in the Jiangxi Province, and has won numerous awards.

Walk To School: This documentary campaigns for the improvement of children's quality of life in the Yunnan Province, one of the poorest regions in China. With the help of the local Red Cross, Hylink videographers recorded the children's journey to school, which often covered tens of miles and across mountain terrains. Because of these conditions, many children have no choice but to drop out of school at a young age.

My Awesome Friend: Mental health awareness has become a prominent topic in China over the past few years. My Awesome Friend aims to raise money for children with psychological illnesses through programs such as art classes.

Aside from the documentary showings, the Guangzhou Annual Meeting granted numerous awards to the agency’s top employees of the year. Congrats to the team for the well-deserved recognition.

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