Hylink Brings Home the Gold


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Santa Monica, CA

At the inaugural Baidu AI Marketing Innovation Awards last month, Hylink received a Gold Award for our work on the “Mamonde Virtual Lipstick Try-on” campaign.

With a focus on resolving common beauty woes of females––the overwhelming amount of lipstick shades, purchasing new makeup on social platforms, and, the common male pain point of cosmetic gift-giving––Hylink cultivated a technologically advanced advertising strategy on behalf of Mamonde. With the help of Baidu’s powerful Omni technology and AI facial recognition software, we conceptualized a novel H5 program allowing users to virtually try on Mamonde’s new lipstick products. The program also offered color recommendations based users’ skin tone and lip shape.

By leveraging the Baidu open screen banner ads, feed ads, and keyword ads, the campaign produced high engagement rates and buzz on social media. From a consumer insight perspective, not only did the campaign help the client better understanding female preferences, it also solved the common male consumer dilemma of selecting the right lipstick for their loved ones.

As a pioneer in the artificial intelligence space, Baidu initiated the AI Marketing Innovation Awards to share and recognize developments in cutting-edge technology, with the intent of further igniting marketers’ drive to modernize their practices and generate more creative solutions for the ad industry. Baidu’s hope is to promote industry revolution so consumers everywhere can experience the combined power of technology and marketing.

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