Hylink and WPI discuss international branding during luncheon in Beijing


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Santa Monica, CA

On February 25, Hylink held a media luncheon in Beijing with Worldwide Partners, Inc. (WPI) to discuss international branding and marketing strategies. WPI is one of the world’s largest agency networks, with 70 independent advertising agency partners in over 40 countries. Hylink joined the organization in August 2018.

WPI was represented by John Harris (CEO and President), and Hylink was represented by Humphrey Ho (U.S. Managing Director). During the meeting, the two discussed how Western brands can better navigate the Chinese digital landscape, how brands can gain international recognition, and the current challenges faced by marketers as new technologies are developed.

As global markets become more interconnected, it is evermore crucial for multinational enterprises to understand how to effectively balance the organizational structure, coordinate internal teams, and properly allocate resources. According to the latest survey data from CMO Council, an increasing number of brands have begun to seek multiple professional teams and bring in local talent so their marketing campaigns can appeal to the local audience. Eighty-three percent of the surveyed marketing leaders said that they would no longer enter into long-term partnerships with a single partner, as may have just a few years ago. Instead, they employ different professionals in specialized disciplines so that each deliverable is executed to the most exceptional degree.

As the first full-service agency to truly focus on driving globalization and leading omni-channel marketing in China, Hylink has key insights into brands’ overseas promotion tactics. Together, Hylink and WPI hope to bring increased value and possibilities for the further development of today's advertising industry.

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