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Each year, Hylink Digital Marketing Research Institute (HDMR) publishes a report on the state of digital marketing. The 2019 report was released this month and reviews the overall development and trends within the industry over the past year, and predicts the new technologies and methodologies to come. The report is divided into four categories: digital marketing environment, consumer insights, marketing opportunities and challenges, and strategy and implementation. Some key findings from the report are as follows:

  • As residents of second- and third-tier Chinese cities accumulate more spending power, there is a massive and untapped market to be explored. Some online platforms such as Kuaishou, a short video app similar to Tiktok, have already delved into this market and earned huge profits.
  • Target audiences can no longer be classified simply according to age, gender, income, and geographic region. Netizens are more likely to explore their own identity and embrace unique personalities, lifestyles, and aspirations.
  • Many Chinese consumers are now immune to traditional advertising methods and will only be influenced if the content appears genuine and creative. In fact, many have grown antagonistic towards clichĂ© ads.
  • Social media users are using many different platforms for varying purposes: WeChat is where people share their glamorous, curated photos, and Weibo is where they write about their inner thoughts and feelings.
  • It is important to understand the world from young consumers’ perspectives. Strategies that are persuasive to Gen Z and Millennials such as short video and KOL marketing are essential to a modern advertising strategy and marketing mix.

Since its establishment, Hylink has helped both Chinese and Western brands achieve marketing success through its keen and discerning market insights. The agency has continuously served as a thought leader in the industry, and as societal trends evolve, we seek to provide valuable foresight into market trends and offer clients the most relevant, data-backed information available.

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