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CI Week Ranks Hylink as #1 Digital Agency


By Anjelica Price-Rocha

As the number of mobile users skyrockets, digital advertising ascends into its golden age.

As reported by eNet and CI Week, two of the most influential media and advertising publications in China, Hylink has been named the #1 digital agency in China for the eleventh year in a row. The ranking takes into account the agency’s creativity, brand reputation, advertising skills, and resource integration. Hylink received an overall score of 96.23/100.

The Chinese media landscape is experiencing a significant shift, and Hylink is prepared and eager to adapt for the better. Chinese society now embraces multi-disciplinary marketing strategies; for instance, LaoGanMa, a brand that traditionally produces chili sauces, now also manufactures clothing. Cross-industry partnerships are also becoming popular, as the younger generation expects novel, creative marketing concepts that come from insightful strategies and thoughtful execution.

The rise of short video apps is also a noteworthy change in the Chinese media landscape. In 2018, the market for short videos skyrocketed to 14 billion Chinese yuan, which is equivalent to 2 billion USD. Reports by AdMaster show that user-generated content popularity has surpassed TV dramas, and further demonstrates that strong media content is the most important factor in capturing viewer attention. Online entertainment and branded content is therefore predicted to play a major role in the future of advertising.

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