The City So Nice They Named It Twice: NY, NY


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New York

NY, NY. Hello. We’re here.

When we set out for the U.S. with the plan of expansion, we had to think beyond our own corridors. Let’s be honest. We took a leap (read: risk) in leaving China and opening, in 2016, our first international headquarters in Santa Monica. There were two main things consistently invading our headspace. First thought: will our business model work? Second thought: will we?  With a lot of hope and a little eye closing, we’ve spent now a couple years building a bright U.S. presence, securing incredible clients across a great many states, and signing real quality partnerships. The NY office is, while we hate to be cliché, a real notch on our belt that we just can’t not acknowledge. This office offers further evidence of our groupthink –while we’re natively Chinese, we work with a global mentality.

Our success in LA has undoubtedly allowed us to have this new space in a new market. While Hylink U.S. continues to service brands across tech, travel, luxury, and FMCG, our NY office will focus heavily on four of our business units: luxury, fashion, and sports and entertainment. The office will serve as a hub for American brands seeking to enter the China market – specifically, sports and entertainment properties focused on distributing and monetizing content in China.

 Kudos to the whole Hylink team, and to our U.S. MD, Humphrey Ho, who continues on, tirelessly and miraculously. From a rooftop in the Big Apple (Tribeca, to be exact), we’re beckoning to all our friends and clients to pay us a visit.

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