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Santa Monica, CA

1. You're a new addition to our crayon box. What color are you and why? Aquamarine - I’m very water-oriented.

2. If I could be any animal in the world I would be a cheetah.

3. The funniest thing that has happened to me recently is: on the morning of my first day at Hylink, I discovered the cat peed on the outfit I had laid out.

4. I’m inspired by desire for knowledge.

5. 3 words that best describe me are persistent, playful, and mindful.

6. If I had to eat one meal every day for the rest of my life, it would be pizza.

7. Something most people wouldn't know about me is that I worked in commercial fishing before advertising, diving for sea urchins (uni) and sea cucumbers.

8. What meme do you relate to the most? All the “mytherapistsays” IG posts.

9. The number one thing on my bucket list is learn how to play the harp or piano.

10. If I could have any ability in the world, it would be: manipulate time or be ‘Limitless’ (brain power).

11. If I was stranded on a desert island and could only have three things with me, they would be sunscreen, a friend, and wifi - so we could argue but also be able to Google the answers afterwards.

12. If I could change one thing in the world, it would be eradicate ignorance / increase tolerance.

13. If I were going to bury a time capsule, I would include bank bonds.

14. If my life was a novel, it would be called, Boundaries: Finding Them and Pushing Them.

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