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Santa Monica, CA

1. You're a new addition to our crayon box. What color are you and why? Green. I like to find a balance in everything I do. When there’s balance, there’s calmness and peace of mind.

2. If I could be any animal in the world I would be a dolphin, because they are considered one of the smartest animals and have found creative ways to communicate with each other. They’re very social and playful and tend to form friendships that last decades.

3. The funniest thing that has happened to me recently is: This wasn’t too recent, but my best girl friend and I ended up wearing almost the same exact outfit to a party - shirt, shorts and shoes. Neither of us knew it until we met up at the party and ended up sticking together throughout the night joking we were twins.

4. I’m inspired by nature. The ocean has a calming effect and the trees give a sense of serenity and peace. One of my favorite things to do is hike, especially to a waterfall, because it’s nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and get lost in nature.

5. 3 words that best describe me: direct, strategic, resourceful.

6. If I had to eat one meal every day for the rest of my life, it would be sushi. It is my favorite food and if I could eat it every day I would.

7. Something most people wouldn't know about me is that my last name, Del Castillo, means “of the castle.” If you add an R in front of my name, it translates to, “Queen of the Castle.”

8. My celebrity look alike is...I wish I had a celebrity look alike.

9. What meme do you relate to the most?

Especially when I’m driving in LA!

10. The number one thing on your bucket list is to learn how to play the ukulele. I think it’s the most under-appreciated instrument and I think it would be a lot easier to learn than a guitar.

11. If I  could have any ability in the world, it would be: Similar to how cars have to pull over whenever there are sirens, I wish I had this ability so I could freely maneuver around LA without having to deal with traffic.

12. If I was stranded on a desert island and could only have three things with me, they would be a big box of matches because I get cold so easily and have no idea how to start a fire if my life depended on it; a knife because I think it’s essential for survival; and a Brita water bottle because I refuse to die of dehydration.

13. If I could change one thing in the world, it would be for people to be more open minded and accepting of opinions. Oftentimes, people stand their ground because they think they’re always right. There are always multiple sides to a story and I wish more people would consider different perspectives before speaking or acting.

14. If I was going to bury a time capsule, I would include all my early 2000s CDs, the movie tickets/concert stubs/musical playbills I’ve collected throughout the years, my college cap and gown (I decorated my cap with a blinged-out tsum tsum Minnie Mouse), and some shot glasses from a few of my favorite places I’ve visited.

15. If my life was a novel, it would be called “Am I Doing This Right?” Tagline: “Adulting is Hard.”

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