Hylink hosted a group of bright young 7th graders in our office this week, marking our second memorable Spark Labs experience this year.

Hylink x Spark Labs


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Santa Monica, CA

Spark Labs is a non-profit organization that provides career exploration opportunities to middle school students to help them tap into the world of possibilities available to them. The intent is to equip students with the tools to make informed decisions about their education and future.

In this week's session, our staff spoke to 17 students about what they do every day in their respective departments to help pique their interests toward what might be an appealing future job. The students were able to ask our team questions about their day-to-day experience at work, and also learn about our unique office culture. Later, we broke off into groups to hold a fun ice-breaker, followed by a team-building activity where the students identified the types of roles they thrive in when working in a group towards a common goal.

We look forward to a continued partnership with Spark, and feel incredibly privileged to have shared part of our workday with such a wonderful group of kids - it truly brightened our day.

For more information about Spark Labs and to learn how to get involved, visit http://sparkprogram.org.

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