Hylink Wins at the 2018 LIA Chinese Creativity Award


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On November 28th, the 2018 London International Awards' Chinese Creativity Show was held at “The PLACE” in Shanghai, China. Hylink walked away with LIA’s “Marketing Effectiveness” award for its "MengNiu, Nest Compass" campaign.

Chinese New Year is a time for family reunions and when “going home” becomes a Chinese person’s dream. Understanding the importance of this time, Hylink created the “Nest Compass” campaign and game for MengNiu to enhance product awareness of its product, Pure Milk. The campaign officially launched accompanied by Baidu’s Map APP. After entering a person’s home address, and moving your body in different directions, the compass displayed both the user’s direction and user’s distance from home. To reach a wider target audience, Hylink also launched an H5 Page, a WeChat Mini Program and an entity version. By connecting MengNiu Pure Milk with family gatherings, the campaign successfully transformed consumer’s emotional reliance on family into an emotional appeal toward MengNiu’s milk.

Since its inception in 1986, London International Awards (LIA) has been a worldwide award for creative excellence in all forms of media. In 2018, LIA created the “Chinese Creativity” award to recognize great work produced solely in the Chinese language. The jury is composed of world-top creators ranging from top chief executive officers and chief creative officers to creative directors and art directors that have been instrumental in pushing for greater awareness of Chinese work and creativity.

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