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Following the launch of its Omni Integrated Marketing Digital Platform at the 2018 Cannes Advertising Festival, Baidu Marketing’s advisory committee announced on August 24 its strategic partnership with Hylink. Hylink as one of its first four strategic partners.

Hylink has long believed that marketing strategies should prioritize people before statistics. In the planning phase, our teams  take into account the complex interpersonal relationships and social scenarios in which the final decision - makers are involved. With years of experience in the auto industry, Hylink has cooperated with Baidu Omni Marketing Platform to create Volvo’s “Circle” campaign. “Circle” connected groups of social media users by utilizing a wide range of platforms, as well as offline campaigns. In doing so, Baidu Omni played a significant role in the Volvo S90 2019  official launch.

With Omni data analysis, our team  identified higher brand interaction rates from those which had an original touch point with brand advertisements. Most notably, the “family” and “fans” consumer groups demonstrated the highest brand interaction rate, which increased by 30%.

In 2018 alone, there were 10 successful collaborations between Hylink and Baidu Omni Marketing. Zhao Yijun, Vice President of Hylink, noted that  Baidu has completed a transformation in the past three years – from purely being a search engine, to the mixed-media platform that it is today.

Big data is an increasingly important factor in judging users' intentions, and the data accumulated in previous searches is an important foundation for the further development of integrated marketing.

“Omni Marketing plays a very important role in marketing campaigns,” said Mr. Zhao. “We want to highlight that, although it’s important to gather results from big data marketing and  create an effective marketing strategy, those results are not always an accurate depiction of how users respond. Therefore, it’s crucial to hone in on more valuable content.”

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