Authrule Media’s “Operation Moscow” series recognized by State Administration of Radio and Television


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Los Angeles, California

The State Administration of Radio and Television released it’s 2018 “Recommendations of Excellent TV Drama,” which includes Authrule Media-produced “Operation Moscow.” The Administration complimented the TV drama’s efforts in high-quality production and character development. Moreover, “Operation Moscow” has brought positive implications to Chinese drama series production, and now stands as a strong example within the police and crime genre.

The series is based on a true story set 1993 – when Chinese police were attempting to catch a criminal who had escaped to Russia. After the first round of broadcasting on Zhejiang TV, the series received positive feedback from many industry critics, deemed “an iconic drama in the industry” and one “that can both reflect artistic perspectives and thoughtful opinions.”

“Operation Moscow” was produced by Authrule Digital Media, a Hylink-owned subsidiary, and was directed by Rui Zhang.

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