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The end of the year is always a good time for reflection. Our team accomplished so much of what was on our wish list this year, but we’re ready to see what new and exciting things 2019 brings our way. That seems to be the pleasure of every ending of a year because it means we’re coming face-to-face with a new beginning.

Here’s a rundown of our 2018 with some of our favorite verbs.

  • Sprouted to an office of forty-two, which is funny because the core essence of that numerology number (42) is nurturing individuals, family, and community to attain an ideal. We feel as though we did that – many thanks to the entire Hylink family for making this office what it is.

  • Added two employees to the roster in the Big Apple, and still off on a hiring binge. (Anyone looking for an ad job in The Empire State?)

  • Slept better at night after knowing we gave back 11 philanthropic events, even assembling 558,000 meals at the LA Food Bank.

  • Collected (and recycled) 2,200 pieces of trash off Santa Monica Beach.

  • Reintroduced 2 wellness programs (healthy lunches and deep tissue massages).

  • Fantasized about an extreme office makeover, but welcomed 2 new modern phone booths (from the great lands of Finland) instead.

  • Maintained a 12% above average industry standard in office density per employee.

  • Tumbled 29 times over the art + code team’s white board (we won’t name any names).

  • Won 6 new clients – our affinity and affection for them all the same.

  • Launched 5 new subsidiaries specializing in travel and tourism, luxury and fashion, sports and entertainment, ventures and gaming.

  • Ran 20 trainings (hello, new skills) and 8 culture trainings (hello, Italian pasta cooked to perfection).

  • Celebrated another lifetime event: a wedding. (She’s a lucky gal, Tony Yu!)

  • Hooted and hollered over one more lifetime event, another Hylink baby/mascot, which brings up the total to 3!

  • Identified 6 new catch phrases from our MD, Humphrey Ho. Yes, “dragon’s mouth” is a real thing, but we’re still scratching our heads over what it means.

  • Installed 11 new platforms to streamline all work in all departments.

  • Flew upwards of 569,399 miles collectively.

  • Discovered that we have 1 KOL in-office that deserves to be on the big screen.

  • Shot and hosted a total of 20 live streams all across the country.

  • Transported 30 people to China, safely returned those 30 home to the U.S.

  • Devoured nearly 200 bottles of wine (looks as though we're particularly fond of the Chiantis).

  • Survived Singles' Day, round 2.

  • 35 birthday cakes consumed (you rock, Carlo's Bake Shop!).

  • Welcomed a handful of interns over the course of spring, summer, and fall semesters. The kids – they keep us young!

Happy 2019 to all our of our clients and friends. We wish you a new year filled with prosperity, joy, and contentment.

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