Hylink Spreads Warmth at Tencent’s “Create for Good” Contest


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Hylink Spreads Warmth at Tencent’s “Create for Good” Contest

“Create for Good” is a public welfare creative advertising contest founded by the Tencent Charity Foundation and Tencent Social Ads. The contest aims to improve the creativity of China’s public welfare industry and enhance its social influence by encouraging the integrated innovation of creative, advertising and public welfare.

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At the ceremony held on October 18th, Hylink’s Guangzhou office took home three awards for outstanding cases. “Let’s Celebrate Our Birthdays Together”, which appealed to caring for children in remote rural areas, won silver; “Foster a Stray Cat on Cloud” and “Huntington’s Disease” also pocketed an award.

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Delia Liu, the head of strategic planning at Hylink, attended the ceremony. As a guest of honor and a member of the jury panel, she said, “This contest provided us a great opportunity to shed a light on both the reality and sincerity of public welfare. Public welfare advertisements are no longer just meaningless presentations or impersonal promotions, rather they are becoming something that can truly encourage the public to join together to make the world a better place. This is a good start, and I know we can achieve even more in next year.”

This contest illustrated Hylink’s exceptional creativity as an advertising agency, and served as an opportunity for the company to acknowledge its very important role in social responsibility. In the future, Hylink aims to prioritize social responsibility and make choices geared towards the improvement of society.


The Winners

“Create for Good – Let’s Celebrate Our Birthdays Together”


“Create for Good – Foster a Stray Cat on Cloud”


“Create for Good – Huntington’s Disease”


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