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The ROI Festival held its “2017’s Most Promising Digital Platform Bidding Gala” on October 18th in Shanghai, co-organizing the event with Hylink, alongside emcee, Qitai Cao.

This year’s gala media partners included Iqiyi, LeTV, PageChoice, Sohu, Sohu Video, NetEase, Sina, Sina Weibo, Yidianzixun, and Voole. The partners provided 2017 media packages for brands. The auction winners were Friso, Ping’an, Jingke, Joyplus, GRN, Ctrip, with the total auction raising a total of 22 million.

Famous Chinese actress Shu Chen gave a speech highlighting a need to collect digital media resources for Adream, a philanthropic foundation in China dedicated to education. As Chen stated, her experiences with Adream have allowed her to better understand literacy education, and to be both a social influencer and advocate for public welfare. All media partners were impressed by Chen’s speech and made philanthropic contributions, collecting nearly $3.6 million.

Major media, including reality shows, online television programs, online campaigns, provided diversified auction prizes that reached a large amount of the audience. Several of the auction goods were presented via AR/VR, which drew a lot of attention from attendees.

Auction Brief (in bidding order)

Iqiyi - Let’s HIA HIA HIA

“Let’s HIA HIA HIA” is a variety show co-hosted by Su Ma, Xiang Wei and Linjia Yuchi, which was first produced as Quasi-Live, entering top-notch enterprises and starting their careers. In every episode, a new actor or actress is introduced as a crossover comedian.                                      

Voole - Maybe I Can

Maybe I Can is a native, controversial, self-made interactive reality show based off The Apprentice. In the show, inexperienced contestants get the chance to enter top-notch enterprises and start their careers.                 

Sina - China’s First Financial Cyberstar Contest

Partnered with Weibo Stock, Sina proudly introduced China’s First Financial Cyberstar Contest combining the concepts of finance and cyberstars.

PageChoice - MOTU

PageChoice transformed MOTU (opening screen on mobile phones) eco-advertising internet, enabling brands to place their display ads in lock screen positions. The pop-out screen grabbed users' attention and enabled interaction.

NetEase - Brand Sentiment Day

NetEase’s brand sentiment sensor tool is geared to capture and analyze users’ sentiments during their online media consumption usage. In conjunction with its ad placement targeting system, NetEase is able to help advertisers accurately target consumers based on their preferences, interests and needs.        

Sohu - New Year Mascot

For the first time, Sohu applied augmented reality (AR) technology to advertising. During Chinese New Year, a QR code was created within Sohu's online news app. Once the QR code was scanned by users, a festival mascot, Nianxiaoshou would appear through a fun and immersive AR interactive experience.

Sohu Video 

The campaign was mainly based on Sohu Video’s exclusive variety show - "The Running Show". The campaign incorporated several rising interactive technologies such as VR and AR technologies so as to fully integrate online and offline marketing resources.

Yidianzixun - Preference Service Day

Partnering with OPPO, Yidianzixun utilized big data analytics supported by both sides to create detailed consumer persona for brands. The ads are tailored based on consumers' interests and preferences, which provides advertisers with a powerful marketing tool.

LeTV - Family Carnival  

Aired on LeTV, Family Carnival was categorized as an educational program targeted at families. Holding over 30,000 childhood educational resources, the program served as a family educational ecosystem built around platforms, content, terminals and applications.

Weibo - Super Live Streaming Day

In 2016, online influencers and live streaming dominated the internet. Weibo Super Live Streaming Day set a challenge of live streaming, which drove a wide range of participation, and leveraged celebrities and influencers to craft and distribute high quality, user generated content. The campaign created a huge buzz using its rich resources and live streaming tactics.

Tencent Social Media Advertising/ Social Media Video (Brand Image Day)

Tencent made use of its various digital media platforms to fully integrate marketing resources. Tencent's premium ad inventory resources covers the whole campaign process including lead-in, endorsement and engagement while ensuring high quality impressions on major social media outlets including WeChat Moments and QZone.

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