The Age of The Jetsons


We’re living in the future – today’s innovation will need an upgrade tomorrow. Enter Bosch – the world market leader for power tools and power tool accessories, and home to the untethered beasts known as the GWS 18V Product Family. With the construction industry more or less operating on old school tech, where power tools need to be plugged into extension cords to reach the work area, we felt it was time to introduce the cell phone of power tools – the Bosch 18V compact. With its cordless power, flexibility, and ease in getting the job done, the 18V is 21st Century compatible. To demonstrate its ease of use and reliability, we created illustrations of the drill being used in extreme conditions – the middle of the Sahara, atop Everest… and even in Space… where you just can’t afford to have your tool die out or break.



These featured a reflection in the workers’ protective goggles showing them completing the job using the cordless 18V. These visuals challenged the industry’s understanding of a power tool, and their impression of the Bosch brand, showing the world what is possible with the reliable cordless lithium-ion battery powered power tool.