Media with Purpose

Media with Purpose

Our Philosophy

Media has the power to create a sense of community and purpose, allowing us to not only see the world as it is but also imagine what it could be. Our stories transcend borders and are a powerful tool for sharing the human experience.

We are a global network of award-winning media professionals who are passionate about storytelling. With diverse experiences and perspectives, we are inspired by the opportunity to bring people closer together. Our obsession with advancing beyond ambition fuels our drive to create communications programs that connect us all.

Just as there are countless stars in the sky, there are endless ways to tell a story. At Hylink, we are committed to making sure that your story shines brighter than the rest. Our mission is to scale media to new heights, today and always.

Our Services

Branded Media

Brand media empowers you to tell your best story. We deliver the right communications and positioning to your audience they wouldn’t get anywhere else.

  • Media Buying
  • Campaign Management
  • Direct IO Buying
  • Advanced Attribution Modeling
  • Cross-Channel Attribution
  • MTA & MMM
  • Brand Lift Measurement
  • Landing Page Analysis
  • Digital Out of Home
  • Connected Audio
  • Connected Television

Media strategy should be purposeful, borderless, and transformative. It should be more that just a collection of budgets and channels. We strive to deliver meaningful ways to reach your audience.

  • Channel Strategy
  • Research & Consumer Insights
  • Campaign & Platform Audits
  • Multi Channel Attribution
  • Media Planning
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Media Playbook
  • GA Analysis
  • Best-Customer Rate Negotiations
  • Digital Transformation
  • Media Idea Lab
  • In-Housing Media Teams
  • Marketing Organization Transformation
Identity Solutions

We recognize and connect with consumers across channels in personalized, meaningful and secure ways. All with the goal of maximizing the reach of your messages.

  • Custom Audiences Programming
  • Programmatic Buying
  • First Party Data Refinement
  • Data Clean Room
  • Data Warehouse and Data Lake Consulting
  • Intent Data Refinement



Our performance media focuses on driving a desired measurable outcome for every advertising dollar you spend. A living mix of marketing programs that connects all the figurative dots, in order to drive conversions and constantly improve over time.

  • SEO, SEM, and Ecommerce
  • Conversion-Based Media
  • Social Commerce
  • Acquisition Marketing
  • Consumer Journey Optimization
  • Consumer Funnel Redesign
  • Log-Level Analysis
  • Purchase Path Analytics
  • LTV Modeling
  • Media Audits / Spend Audits
  • Conversion Funnel Optimization

Case Studies


Bosch Moving On Up

We get it. When you want to tell a story about changing your life, Power Tools aren’t the first thing that comes to mind. Or is it?

Throwback Cover Image

Bosch Throwing Back

Bosch is a 140 year-old German company founded upon the principles of exacting design, premium craftsmanship and technological superiority. To put it mildly, they know tools very, very well. Social Media, however…


TCL Monster Mash

Consumer technology company, TCL has identified Halloween as its most important marketing event of the year. Each year, the brand delivers a fun and engaging Halloween campaign to celebrate its innovative products and bolster a connection between the brand and its community.


UCLA Health Reaching Different Cultures

UCLA Health ranked #1 in California in Cancer Care, but needed  to share this message with an extremely diverse local and state community in which 54% or residents speak English as a second, or even third language.


San Diego Summer KOL

To capitalize on the popular summer travel season, San Diego Tourism Authority (SDTA) wanted to launch a campaign across multiple platforms to help promote San Diego’s brand messaging, educate potential travelers about the city and capture their target audience.

banner (1)

NYC&CO It’s Time For New York City

Regularly attracting more than 10 million visitors a year – 10% of which are Chinese – New York City typically doesn’t have to do much of anything to capture travelers looking to experience all this extraordinary place has to offer. These, however, were not typical times.

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