Hylink Wins "Best of the Year" at the 2017 China Times Advertising Awards


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Los Angeles, CA

Held annually in Taipei, the 2017 Times Advertising Awards recognizes creativity and innovation in the advertising industry. This past December, we brought home two gold awards, two silver, and one bronze. The team is proud of the recognition garnered for our Mengniu “2017 Global Foodies’ Day” campaign, which was awarded “Best of the Year.”

Upon receiving the award, our Executive Creative Director Bohan Qiu expressed the agency’s appreciation toward the academy, noting the recognition was not only another milestone in the agency’s history, but also had profound meaning for the entire digital marketing industry. Qiu indicated that digital advertising will play an increasingly vital role in today’s business markets, and that digital will only become more comprehensive and integral to clients’ brand-development strategy in the coming years.

Viewing the award as validation of our efforts, we, as an agency, will strive toward continued improvement of our capabilities in media, communications, and content, while seeking to promote progress and ingenuity within the industry as a whole.

A complete list of our recognitions at Times Advertising 2017 is included below.

Mengniu Dairy Benefit C “2017 Global Foodies’ Day” Campaign

“Best of the Year”
Gold – Mobile Marketing/Digital Service/Digital Platform/Media or Service Website

Buick Envision “Outlast” Campaign  

Gold – Mobile Marketing/Digital Service/Digital Platform/Interactive Website
Silver – Mobile Marketing/Digital Service/Digital Platform/Media or Service Website

The Cloud Love

Silver – Public Service
Bronze – Social Media Application

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