Hylink collaborates with Tsinghua University on business data engineering


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Los Angeles, CA

We are thrilled to announce Hylink’s collaboration with Tsinghua-UC Berkeley Shenzhen Institute (TBSI) surrounding the emerging field of business data engineering. The signing ceremony between Hylink and TBSI was held at the Gongzi Ting, Tsinghua campus on Jan. 5, 2018.

With Hylink’s resources and support, TBSI will now be able to appoint academic faculty with extensive experience in data engineering. Additionally, Hylink will co-sponsor the “Business Data Engineering Research Center,” which brings together the strengths of each partner to hone in on novel technologies in business analytics, big data, and artificial intelligence, with the intention of building an educational center for national think tanks and high-level talent. The think tank will help business enterprises strengthen their strategies, products, and business development processes, and will aid in the globalization of Chinese entities by introducing new media broadcasting tools.

At the signing ceremony, Tsinghua University’s President, Dr. Qiu Yong, introduced the global strategies and objectives of the University. Dr. Yong indicated that globalization is a key index factor when gauging a university’s qualities. TBSI will continue to build upon its expansion momentum by leading academic technology innovation in China, and the support of Hylink will further propel this process.

Our CEO, Su Tong, spoke to the history, mission and new developments at Hylink. Mr. Su expressed his anticipation of the partnership’s force as a leader in Chinese markets, with the hopes of expanding upon the research and application of data science across markets.

In the closing speech given by Dr. Yang Bin, Vice President of Tsinghua University, Dr. Bin highlighted the future blueprint of the project, and focused on the importance of enstating new industry standards in an effort to enable timely solutions and engagement.

Hylink’s partnership with TBSI and support of the research center speaks to our agency’s overarching goals of innovation and continued progress, in addition to developing more advanced business solutions for entities around the world.

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