To Ride the Red Coattail


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Santa Monica, CA

In case you were wondering what was happening in China… On Tuesday, and across the globe, Apple unveiled their special red version of the iPhone 7 & 7 Plus, commemorating their 10-year partnership with RED, the organization helping to fight AIDS.

Though it wasn’t widely reported (or at all) within China that the phone’s actually this color for a serious cause – it didn’t stop Chinese brands from jumping on the red bandwagon. As of Wednesday, there are now an assortment of big and small things that you can buy in China in this gorgeous, red finish. Because, well, why not?

So, basically, there’s no reason you should go out and buy a new iPhone 7 without venturing off to buy a matching red car. And if you were already exhausted of seeing the color red everywhere, you can go green with Tsingtao as the brand humorously plays with in the ad below:

If there’s a reason why we love digital, this sort of viralness is certainly one of ‘em.  

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