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What’s buzzing in the travel industry?

1. The future is looking promising for smaller luxury hotels catering to the increasing number of high-end Chinese travelers. Many boutique hotels are adapting to provide one-of-a-kind experiences, making Chinese travelers more likely to go the boutique route - for the promise of a unique and authentic travel experience only a smaller hotel can provide.


2. Determined to carve out a niche for itself in the largest tourism market in the world, Airbnb is increasing its investment in the region and targeting a new generation of Chinese travelers eager to experience the world in a new light.  Will it succeed? Only time will tell, but its achievements thus far have not only attracted an entirely new mass of travelers, but also prompted hotel and vacation rental markets to respond with their own competitive offerings.  


3. Hylink’s CEO, Su Tong, recently gave the keynote address at this year’s “China Tourism Destinations and National Image Forum” hosted in partnership with Tsinghua University. Industry leaders from the likes of Google, Facebook, and Twitter came together to discuss and exchange new ideas on the latest trends in tourism marketing in the digital era.  One question emerged throughout the day - How can we all work together and leverage digital to propel tourism into the future?


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