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Santa Monica, CA

The team just returned from China! We enjoyed a weeklong company retreat in tandem with Chinese New Year, traveling to both Beijing and Shanghai. Each year, Hylink celebrates the upcoming Lunar New Year with an extravagant celebration for all its employees across the APAC – and now for those of us across the sea. 

The company’s New Year’s celebration has been a tradition for as long as the company has been in existence ­– this year marks the 23rd celebration! We feel grateful to have been able to attend and can’t wait for the next ten.

Held this year at the Renaissance Beijing, the event was decked out in a gilded rooster theme, full of gold and red designs and fanciful backdrops. The best and liveliest part about the event was of course, the company-wide talent show. Drum roll, please ­– the best performance went to: HYLINK USA! 

We spent hours upon hours practicing at the hotel gym, and some of us were more stressed than others so we put additional late night hours in. As one of the last acts of the evening, we reenacted a lip synch battle between two of our US teams. Our show featured a lip-synch/ dance rendition of Nelly’s “Hot in Here” video vs. Usher’s “Yeah!” Since returning stateside, the video of our performance has miraculously disappeared and we think one our team members has happily placed it away in a vault. Its release to the community is to be continued.

On top of the CNY celebration, we spent some quality time with our CEO and founder Su Tong and we all feel pretty much the same; it’s truly great to be around a “boss” who invests so much in his employees. Additionally, the team explored both cities with fervor. For the majority of staff, many had never been outside the US, let alone to the opposite end of the world. The distance in culture, distance between the oceans, and the stark differences between lifestyles was fascinating for everyone to experience. At the end of the week, we were all certainly closer. It was a great start to the beginning of the year and to have had two New Year’s back to back, well, always count us in.

Here are a few of our favorite photos (with thanks to those aspiring photographers on our team):

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