Hylink's Moving Campaign Claims First Prize


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Los Angeles, CA

Hylink's Moving Campaign Claims First Prize

The ROI Festival holds an annual creative campaign contest in order to reward the most innovative brands and enterprises, encouraging them to maximize the return on investment of their marketing campaigns.  In partnership with Weibo, this year’s campaign was announced at Shanghai’s luxurious Waldorf Astoria and agencies were tasked with delivering the most innovative marketing solutions for McDonald’s. Hylink was among the five agency finalists, and each received a budget of 1 million RMB ($ 151,515) to produce a campaign no longer than 90 seconds.

Hylink took home the 1 million RMB first prize with its moving campaign, Tracking. The short video narrates the precious relationship between a father and his daughter as he realizes she is maturing and becoming less dependent upon him. He admires her growth as she comes into her own and resigns himself to the fact that she no longer needs him as much as she once did, though still keeps a close eye on her from afar, as fathers so often do for their daughters.


Leo Zhang, Hylink Shanghai’s executive creative director, explained in his acceptance speech that each idea was carefully thought out and the final project was a labor of love.

Winning this award is an affirmation, on behalf of clients and consumers, of Hylink’s ability to integrate brand creativity and content creation. Looking to the future, Hylink will continue to provide integrated and effective digital advertising services for clients with insightful knowledge of digital marketing strategies, creative visualization and execution, and integration of media resources in line with today’s industry development.

Click here to see the winning campaign.

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